Monday, 23 December 2013


Hello readers,

The last adventure in the series of ebook short stories in The Casebook of Doctor Marcus Quigley is out now. These are written by Keith, using his western writer pen-name of Clay More.

Doctor Marcus Quigley, itinerant dentist, gambler and bounty hunter has been trailing a vicious murderer across the United States for several years. Now, when he has finally learned where his man is hiding, he hears that he has been shot and killed in a crooked poker game. Marcus makes his way to identify the corpse, only to learn that life has just become a lot more complicated – and dangerous!

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Hello readers,

Well, Christmas is almost with us again, and after that we have the prospect of Hogmanay. As you know, Keith writes westerns under the name of Clay More. You may be interested to read his latest short story.

Western Fictioneers have two anthologies out in time for Christmas. These are respectively volumes 9 and 10 in the Wolf Creek series, written under the house name of Ford Fargo.



If you have followed the Wolf Creek novels so far, you will know that things are hardly ever as they seem. These are not chocolate box portrayals of Christmas in Kansas 1871, but a mixture of tales that will whet your appetite for more. They are both available from Amazon as paperbacks or ebooks for Kindle.

Clay More's story, told from the point of view of his character, Doc Logan Munro the town doctor is called THE SPIRIT OF HOGMANAY. It is the penultimate story in Volume 10.

Wolf Creek, Book 10: 

Sarah’s Christmas Miracle
by Big Jim Williams
Irish Christmas at Wolf Creek
by Charlie Steel
A Home for Christmas
by Cheryl Pierson
The Angel Tree
by Chuck Tyrell
The Spirit of Hogmanay
by Clay More
O Deadly Night
by Troy D. Smith

Wolf Creek Book 9: 

The Last Free Trapper
by Jory Sherman
A Savior is Born
by Meg Mims
That Time of Year
by Jerry Guin
‘Twas the Fight before Christmas
by Jacquie Rogers
A Kiowa Christmas Gift
by Troy D. Smith
Renewal of Faith
by James J. Griffin

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Hi readers,

As you probably now, Keith our associate editor writes all sorts of books. He writes crime novels set on West Uist under his pen-name of Keith Moray, historical crime as Keith Souter and westerns as Clay More. But he is also one of the bunch of writers who write under the name of Ford Fargo and who are creating the rip-roaring adventures in the Wolf Creek series. These are published by Western Fictioneers Library.

Wolf Creek is the brainchild of Dr Troy D Smith, an award winning writer in several genres and a professor of history at Tennessee Technical University. The novels are collaborative works in which five or six authors write a novel, each author writing one or two chapters from the viewpoint of his or her character. The novels are set in Kansas in 1871.

Keith or Clay's character is Doctor Logan Munro, the town doctor. He actually wrote the first two chapters of the very first novel Wolf Creek: Book 1 - Bloody Trail. The series is really taking off and there are now eight books, seven or which are novels and one is an anthology. If you look at back posts on the blog, you'll see Hell on the Prairie, which contains a short story by Clay, entitled The Oath. It is about a spectre from Logan Munro's past.

The latest novel, Night of the Assassins was published on 22nd October and it is, if Clay says it himself, a real page-turner. But be warned, it is not a novel for the faint-hearted.

But why not start with the first one, Bloody Trail. They are all available as paperback or ebooks. There are some great writers involved in this. Many of them are leading lights in  the genre.

So why not come on over to Wolf Creek and see what you think of our town.

And while you are at it, you might like to check out the 6th short story in the Doc Marcus Quigley series. Marcus is a dentist, gambler and bounty hunter. He is on a quest to find a vicious murderer.
Available as an ebook from Amazon or Nook, published by High Noon Press.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Hello readers,

We have a couple of things that are exciting us in the office this week. Two events are happening on the same day - Friday 27th September.

Firstly, The Wakefield Express newspaper will be running a feature on Keith, who has just reached his 30th anniversary of writing his medical column, Doctor's Casebook.

That is a weekly column for the last 30 years, during which time he has only missed a handful of articles.

But more importantly, it is his daughter's wedding!

That means a classic car journey to church, proudly walking Ruth down the aisle to marry Joe, his father-of the-bride speech and much happiness.

Calum Steele
Keith Souter

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Hi Readers,

We are pleased to announce that the fifth adventure, from The Casebook of Dr Marcus Quigley, dentist, gambler and bounty-hunter is published today by High Noon Press as an eBook.

These are short stories in the tradition of the old pulps and the Saturday matinees. Each adventure is a stand-alone, but they build into a story about Marcus's quest to find a cold-blooded killer.

Doctor Marcus Quigley, qualified dental surgeon, gambler and sometime bounty hunter has gradually been working his way west. 
His reasons for choosing such a lifestyle are personal and pressing, as well as expedient, for there is someone he means to track down and hold to account for a murder committed some years previously.

In THE SHOOTER Doc Marcus Quigley rides into Dawson with the aim of finding a woman whom he believes holds a clue about the murder of a friend of his. He quickly learns that a gang of gunmen are in control of the town and they stand firmly in his way.
He is forced to gamble for the lives of several people, himself included.

The plot, as you may have guessed, revolves around Marcus's gambling activities and his knowledge of dice and mathematics. In particular the game of craps. If you don't know about this, or much about dice, then you may care to check out Keith's dice book. Lots of interesting information about dice games, including craps, dice lore and odds & probabilities. Armed with this knowledge you might even be able to become a shooter, like Marcus.

It is available here (check the sidebar on the left), or through Amazon as a paperback or eBook.

Calum Steele 

Keith Souter
Associate editor


Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Hi Readers,

We are pleased to announce that the 4th short story in The Adventure of Doctor Marcus Quigley series of ebook shorts is out now from High Noon Press. This is a an on-going series of western stories about Doc Marcus Quigley, dentist, gambler and bounty hunter. He is on a mission to bring a murderer from his past to justice.

These are old fashioned pulp style stories of western adventure, each moving the story further forward.

You can get a copy for the munificent sum of £0.77, just by clicking on the left.

And also, the latest anthology of western short stories fro Western Fictioneers is out now. HELL ON THE PRAIRIE has seven short stories, including one by Keith, writing under his western pen-name of Clay More. It is available as paperback or ebook for Kindle or Nook.

The story is called THE OATH and it is a stand alone tale about Doctor Logan Munro, the town doctor of Wolf Creek.

There are six book out in the best selling Wolf Creek series now. The name Ford Fargo disguises a bunch of professional western writers. These are a collaborative novels, written by six writers per novel. You may care to check them out as well, starting with BLOODY TRAIL. Keith has contributed to book one, four and six, with further chapters in book eight and nine, already in the can.

You'll find them if you follow the links on Amazon or Nook when you check out Hell on the Prairie

Calum Steele
Keith Souter

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Hello Readers,

We are pleased to announce that our associate editor, Keith Moray's latest crime novel, set right here on West Uist has now been published by Robert Hale.

This is the fifth in the series and in it Inspector Torquil McKinnon  and his team are up against a serial killer, which Calum and Cora have christened.....

But that is is telling you too much. Here is what it says on the book cover:

The lack of light pollution made West Uist an idea place for astronomical observation.
            The Heavens Above show, a regular Scottish TV review of the latest news about astronomy, is being broadcast from the island and there has been an influx of amateur astronomers. At the same time, the West Uist Astrological Society has staged a series of lectures by a celebrity astrologer.
            Tension between the two groups is clear from the start and when a body is found floating in Kyleshiffin harbour it is unclear whether there has been a tragic accident or a cold-blooded murder. A chalked astrological sign on the harbor wall   gathers significance when a second body and another sign is discovered. This time there is no doubt – it was murder most foul.
            And the signs are that there will be more deaths, unless Inspector Torquil McKinnon and his team can solve the case and find the Zodiac Killer.

If you fancy a copy, then pop to the left of the article and you'll see a link to Amazon, where you can get a good deal. Alternatively, get it straight from the publisher where you can also get a good deal.


Calum Steele

Friday, 24 May 2013


Welcome readers,

We are please to announce that our old friend Clay More (actually, Keith's western pen-name) is writing a series of western short stories that are coming out one a month as short ebooks in Kindle and Nook, published by High Noon Press. Each adventure is a separate story, but they link up into a whole tale, like the Saturday afternoon matinees of old.

Overall Synopsis:

Doctor Marcus Quigley, qualified dental surgeon, gambler and sometime bounty hunter has gradually been working his way west. His reasons for choosing such a lifestyle are personal and pressing, as well as expedient, for there is someone he means to track down and hold to account for a murder committed some years previously.

In DEAD IN THE SADDLE Doc Marcus Quigley has set up a temporary consulting room in Hagsville. He has just pulled the tooth of one of the town’s loafers when Jordan Parker, the town banker falls dead from his horse in the middle of the main street. When Sheriff Dan Morgan asks him to examine the body Marcus discovers some strange things that lead to a trail of death and duplicity and which put him right into the jaws of danger.

In GUILTY AS SINNED  Doc Marcus Quigley treats a female patient in the town of Sage Fork and learns that she has good reason to want revenge upon the person who beat her and loosened a tooth. When a murder is committed soon afterwards he is convinced that a miscarriage of justice is about to take place and he must move fast to uncover the murderer before someone else is killed. By taking a hand he places himself in extreme danger.

In this second adventure from his casebook, we learn more about Marcus Quigley and his long quest to bring a cold-blooded killer to justice.

The third adventure THE COVERED TRAIL is already written and in the can!

Each ebook is a mere £0.77, available from Amazon, by clicking the links at the side.

Calum Steele
Keith Souter

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Welcome readers,

This week we are featuring three western novels written by Clay More, which just happens to be the western pen-name of Keith Souter. You may have guessed, the choice of the name is a homage to Clayton Moore, the first TV Lone Ranger.

Keith, aka Clay More, has been writing westerns for several years. He is a member of Western Writers of America, Western Fictioneers; both organisations for professional writers about the Old West. You probably know him best on this blog as the author Keith Moray, who writes the West Uist crime novels for Robert Hale of London.

Keith's western novels were first published by Robert Hale, but have now been republished as ebooks by The Western Fictioneers Library. There are three out now and all have been well received. They are traditional westerns, but each of them is also a mystery, since nothing is quite as it seems. The plotting is very much in the style of Keith's crime writing.

Here is the outline for Judge on the Run.

Wesley Talbot is a respected frontier judge devoted to the law. So why does he adopt the identity of wanted desperado Diamond Jim Chance and go on the run? Why is the ruthless bounty hunter known as The Deacon on a bloodthirsty quest to track down the judge? What dangers lurk in a hidden canyon in the Pintos Mountains? Who is the real mastermind behind a gang of vicious killers? And what secret that leads to a gunpowder-laced showdown lies in the church of a small Mexican village?

The answers to these questions can be found in JUDGE ON THE RUN, the action-packed novel that's the latest release from acclaimed author Clay More and the Western Fictioneers Library. Previously published as a Black Horse Western by Robert Hale, this newly revised edition is full of excitement and thrills.

The latest out is A Rope for Scudder, another fast-paced, traditional western.

Jake Scudder is just a drifting, peace-loving cowboy. So why does he find himself in jail, convicted of the murder of an old-timer he had befriended and sentenced to hang for that crime he didn't commit? Jake gets a chance to clear his name when the train taking him to the gallows crashes, but was that wreck an accident? Who's the real ringleader of the gang of vicious outlaws known as the Marauders? Jake Scudder has to dodge not only the law but also a cunning murderer as he attempts to save his own life and that of a beautiful young woman. A ROPE FOR SCUDDER is another classic, action-packed Western from bestselling author Clay More and the Western Fictioneers Library.

His very first western, Raw Deal at Pasco Springs, published by Robert Hale back in 2004 was  also the very first novel to be reprinted by Western Fictioneers Library, thanks to the ever-working, multi-talented, best selling author Livia Washburner.

Here is the outline.

Lady Luck smiled down on ex-lawman Tom Mallory when he won the Diamond T ranch in a poker game.  Tom begins to wonder if it was actually bad fortune when he is ambushed and then rides into a gunfight where a hooded man in a long duster coat shoots a man pinned under his horse. Furious at this bushwhacking, Tom takes cards in this deadly game, and soon it starts to look like this gamble is going to be his last hand . . .

So, if these have whetted your appetite for a traditional western novel, then you can easily obtain copies from Amazon, all for around £2. Just check the Amazon links on the left and join Clay More out on the trail.

Along with a whole host of other western novelists Clay More is busily collaborating on a series of novels about the Kansas town of Wolf Creek. But that's another story that we'll come back to in another blog, real soon.

Calum Steel 

Keith Souter
Associate Editor