Sunday, 20 March 2011


If you are in Wakefield on Saturday 26th March, come along to the first ever Friends of Sandal Castle event.  FACT OR FICTION.

                                 It takes place 3-5 pm at Sandal Castle Visitor's Centre.

                                                        All welcome

                                                         Free entry

                                                   Soft drinks and cakes 

FICTION -  Keith will be reading from two of his novels:

THE PARDONER'S CRIME - a mystery set in the days of Robin Hood  

THE FOOL'S FOLLY  -a mystery set during the Wars of the Roses

FACT - Helen Cox, a local historian will be talking about the history

                                                  It should be entertaining!

Monday, 14 March 2011


The world has been horrified by the pictures and news of the devastating earthquake and the tsunami that has hit Japan. We were relieved to hear that fellow western writer Charlie Whipple, who writes as Chuck Tyrell, is safe. He and his family are OK, but the country is in bad shape. He lives in Chiba, at the southwestern tip of the earthquake destruction. There are huge queues for supplies and power supplies are being rationed.

Chuck Tyrell writes brilliant westerns for Black Horse Westerns, Solstice Westerns and Western Trail Blazer.

Please buy one of his westerns available from Kindle via Amazon Kindle Store or through Smashwords.


Chuck Tyrell

This was Chuck's first western novel, originally published by Robert Hale's Black Horse westerns in 2005, now re-issued as an ebook by Solstice Westerns.


Chuck Tyrell

“Sometimes a man’s gotta take a stand.” – Shawn Brodie, aged 14.

Arizona, 1882. Falsely accused of theft, Shawn Brodie is sent to serve three years in the Hellhole called Yuma Territorial Prison. Lamb to the slaughter, maybe?

This is what they are saying about it:

“Remarkable. A page turning thriller set in a frontier prison where a boy convict learns about the tough world of survival as he grows into a man. Told with gritty courage and honesty – a surprising blend of East and West, it’s a coming-of-age story like none you’ve ever read.” – Corinne Joy Brown, author of McGregor’s Lantern, Sanctuary Ranch, and Come and Get it!

“Though young, Shawn has the strong moral fiber to survive, no matter what comes his way. Chuck Tyrell has produced a memorable hero and a grim, gritty yet very real tale of brutality leavened with kindness, despair salved with hope, and ultimately an inspiring testament to a young boy’s journey into manhood.” – Ross Morton, author of The $300 Man

"Chuck Tyrell has brought authenticity and poignancy to a western with a difference..."
– Jack Martin, author of The Ballad of Delta Rose.

We are sure you will enjoy the read.

Calum Steel
Keith Souter

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Welcome back readers!

Many apologies for the interruption of The Chronicle. The thing is that we've both been busy. Keith has been writing three books and I - well I've been involved in a bit of a mystery on the island. You'll be able to read about it in due course, in the novel DEATH IN TRANSIT.

So what sort of books has Keith been writing? Well they have been on diverse topics - one is going to be about Aspirin - the wonder drug, another is about Talking, and the third is about Dice and Dice Games.
Have a look in the column alongside.

Aspirin and Talking will be out this summer alongside Schoolboy Science Remembered. We are excited about that one.

Here's what the cover says:

A fantastic foray into the world of science and schoolday experiments which involve turning household goods into exciting but informative experiments. Dr Keith Souter explains the science behind the simple but fun experiments and, by understanding how they work, it will also help to explain the world around you from the position of the Harvest Moon to the composition and osmosis of food and drink. Discover how to make your own kaleidoscope, crystals and even a steam turbine from an old cocoa tin and why you ll never want to compost a floppy potato again. A must-buy book for everyone interested in what happens when and why. The Theory of Everything is contained in these fact-filled pages. Did you know? Steam engine designer, George Stephenson, was inspired by a kettle lid rattling under the pressure of steam Moth balls or Alka Seltzer can be turned into a self-propelling boat Mirrors can be used to help people recover from strokes and even paralysis

It is illustrated by Andrew James, the subject of an earlier interview.

Calum Steele