Friday, 27 July 2012


We are absolutely delighted to have received a copy of Keith Souter's first children's novel THE CURSE OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, published by G-Press, an imprint of Golden Guides Press.

It is set in Victorian London and is the first in a series The Adventures of Jack Moon. We predict that youngsters of 8-13 will love it and scream for more! And with much of the novel taking place in mist-covered graveyards, with ghosts, ghouls and spectres on the loose, screaming is an apt word.

Have a look at the 55 second video clip.

And if you want to purchase a copy, then it will be available in all good book shops, including our very own West Uist Bookshop at the bottom of this blog. Alternatively, hit the button to the left and go straight to Amazon.

Calum Steele